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The company was formed by the 2 directors Brian Keely and Rob Lynham. It was clear that there was a requirement for a rapidly deployable solution, whereby the installer could respond quickly to a customer’s needs and ongoing service requirements. It was also clear to us from experience, that this particular solution and service could not be delivered effectively by large installers We had found that internal processes stifled their ability to respond in the timescales that the client expects from a rapid deployable security solution. With the high level of flexibility required we believed we were well positioned to deliver a better service and delivery compared to our larger competitors.

Ace Defence have extensive experience in the security industry and fully appreciate what is required to truly deliver customer service. We believe that the ability to provide sound advice, coupled with outstanding delivery and the use of wireless technology, we can meet the expectations of most clients.

Our team

Robert Lynham

Managing Director

25 Years in the Electronic Security Systems market in a senior managerial position with Global Companies. Consultant in setting up businesses across a wide sector of product and service offerings. Direct involvement in multi million pound Tender processes and implementation of delivery through dedicated teams to deliver large scale projects. Role: Financial control and strategic business growth.

Brian Keely

Operations Director

13 Years in the Metropolitan police qualified to Inspector Rank. Expertise in management, response policing and evidence gathering for case progression. 4 Years experience in Security sales for TYCO and Stanley CSS as a consultant and Sales Manger. Expertise in team management, sales and marketing, IP CCTV, video and audio verification alarm systems. Role: Managing the overall solution offering and its delivery. Bringing on and management of contractors and installers and overall quality control. Police liaison.

Steve Holland


30 Years in the Electronic Security Systems market in a senior managerial position with Global Companies. Product design and management with two international security manufacturers. Winner of three consecutive industry awards for service and product innovation. Direct involvement with the implementation of European and ACPO policies into the security industry. Role: Installation and maintenance, service quality management. /p>

We Need You


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Why Choose Us

With over a combined 70 years in the security industry, it is obvious we care about your security.

With the current economic downturn and rising metal and machinery costs, there has never been a greater demand for rapidly deployable wireless security. Sites are routinely being targeted by thieves for metal, materials and machinery and the current cost to the UK sector is £1.6 billion per year. Our product is quickly deployed and can also be easily relocated as a project evolves using our pallet system, thereby allowing the customer to relocate short distances without the expense of engineer callouts. Site managers have found that the system also acts as an excellent management tool and is invaluable for enhancing overall health and safety on their sites.

Our system is an excellent solution for the void property market, as it can be quickly deployed without the requirement for power and communication lines. The video verification also assists in evicting squatters who may have forced entry causing damage, therefore committing criminal offences for which they can be arrested. One system can potentially alarm multiple flats, creating cost savings on traditional alarm systems which can only cover one property. This particular market is huge with approximately 870000 void properties in the UK. It is particular suited to housing associations and their subcontractors, who carry out refurbishments that require short term security to protect materials.

This solution is ideally suited to the events arena, with its portability and ease of installation. Currently it is an untapped market for most security systems because of the cost involved in setting them up relative to the short time they are needed. The system would combine well with on site security giving them more ‘pairs of eyes’, being able self monitor events through our dedicated server with PC software and smart phone application. It could be used to provide trap protection of vulnerable areas, during or after an event to cover areas where people or property would be at risk.

BT estimate the value of metal theft at £770 million per year and this is having a very damaging effect on our infrastructure. Small thefts of copper from the rail network are having extreme consequences with costs incurred from damages and loss of service. Companies involved in transport, communication and energy are all looking to protect vulnerable sites and projects. Often they are located in remote areas with no power and communications making our product an ideal solution.

The Farming community is being currently targeted by professional thieves. An estimated £70m worth of plant and agricultural machinery is stolen each year with only 5% of it recovered. Thieves are now also targeting live stock, metal and diesel. This is set to increase with the economic downturn and rising metal and diesel prices.