The PCC decided to opt for the Ace Defence system because of their Webcam facility included in the sensors, enabling the monitoring centre to verify the presence of intruders and to avoid costly false alarms.


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High Definition Analogue CCTV

CCTV for many years was in analogue standard definition but thanks to advances in technology, more and more CCTV systems are using HD CCTV cameras. This technology uses the same technology as that which is used to broadcast High Definition television and gives users an enhanced image over standard resolution CCTV cameras.

HD CCTV cameras are not necessary the top of the range in terms of quality but they are positioned in between standard range CCTV cameras and megapixel IP CCTV. This ‘middle range’ position gives HD CCTV cameras some unique advantages.

Advantages of HD CCTV Cameras

For only a minimal price increase over analogue standard definition CCTV cameras, users can reap several advantages:

Price: HD CCTV camera prices are coming down in price all the time now, they are comparable with analogue CCTV cameras. This means that there really is now no need to consider analogue cameras, as they offer no advantage over HD cameras.

Clearer Monitoring: Clear and sharper images with a HD CCTV camera, if you are using CCTV for monitoring and surveillance, the clearer images are a clear benefit especially if you are in a commercial setting such as retail.

Crime Prevention: Criminals these days are becoming more and more sophisticated and many have a good understanding of CCTV. The fact is, whilst the very presence of CCTV is enough to put most Criminals off, some will take the chance with analogue cameras as they know their picture quality is poor.

Prosecution: The fact that HD CCTV cameras have a clearer and sharper appearance entails that if you are unfortunate enough for your property be a victim of crime, then the sharp images of the High Definition CCTV cameras will make finding and prosecuting the offender much easier and much more promising.

Is HD CCTV For You?

HD CCTV is hugely popular thanks to its excellent quality cameras that supply sharp and clear pictures as well as the fact it is very cost effective, with prices now being comparable to analogue CCTV. If you would like a quote for HD CCTV then get in touch today by call us on 0118 380 5150 or going to our contact page.

High Definition has taken CCTV to a different level, offering higher resolution cameras that produce better quality and clearer images.

Based on technology originally designed for use in HD television programmes, HDCCTV cameras bring that same sharpness of footage to a more practical use.