The PCC decided to opt for the Ace Defence system because of their Webcam facility included in the sensors, enabling the monitoring centre to verify the presence of intruders and to avoid costly false alarms.


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IP CCTV Cameras

You’re presented with a wealth of options as soon as you start looking into CCTV cameras from analogue CCTV cameras to HD cameras. But if you really want the most ideal CCTV camera solution, then it is IP CCTV Cameras.

Why Choose IP Cameras?

Image Resolution – The fact is that there are simply no better cameras on the market than IP CCTV cameras. Far better than analogue systems and offering better image resolution than HD cameras, if you want crisp and clear CCTV pictures then IP cameras are the way to go.

Ease of Installation – Despite being the most hi-tech cameras on the market, IP CCTV cameras are no more difficult to install than HD or analogue cameras. In fact, most of them these days are plug and play but for insurance purposes and to ensure they are working properly, we recommend that you do use a qualified and experienced CCTV installer to ensure everything is working properly.

Analytics – The potential of IP cameras is fantastic, and if you are prepared to invest the money, there is a range of analytical software out there that can provide facial recognition and other interesting and useful features. This makes IP closed circuit television cameras very flexible in terms of the technology they can exploit.

Future Proof – As the most advanced cameras on the market, if you wish to future proof yourself as much as possible, then IP CCTV cameras are the only choice as these systems can ‘grow’ with your needs as time goes on. Whilst they may be more expensive than HD and analogue cameras, this future proofing actually makes them a very cost effective choice of CCTV camera in the long term.

Types of IP CCTV System

Bullet IP Cameras: These types of IP CCTV camera are very popular and very flexible, being suitable for use indoor and outdoor. They can come with a host of options such as variable focal lengths and infra red imaging and they perform well as a camera. However, they can be vulnerable to vandalism which means they are best used high up and in inaccessible places.

Dome IP CCTV Cameras: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, they are very vandal resistant too. Very flexible like the bullet camera, they come in a range of sizes and options and you can have the choice of fixed or moveable cameras.

How to get IP CCTV Cameras Installed Now

Call us now today 0118 380 5150 or complete our contact form and we can arrange the installation of IP CCTV cameras at your property. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, our installers are highly experienced and will have your IP CCTV system up and running and protecting you, your family and your property. Don’t delay, call our IP closed circuit television installers today!