Rockley Park Marina Secured

18 Sept

Ace Defence was contacted following a series of thefts to boats and machinery in the Poole marina. This had become a growing concern for a local builder that was doing some refurbishment work to the marina. With costly machinery and work boats moored on the jetty, they required a robust wireless video solution to protect their assets. Within 2 days Ace Defence installed a wireless video alarm system that covered all the assets. The system went into alarm outside of normal working hours. When an intruder walked into the protected area a solar panel LED light activated along with an audible siren. A short video activation was then sent to the mobile marina security team, via their mobile devices, to make an immediate assessment.


Property Block Protected in Cardiff

24 July

Having completed the construction of a block of 36 flats in Cardiff. Bovis found that protecting the block with round the clock security was proving very costly. As the period could be running for several months before a buyer was found they instructed Ace Defence to install their MAC camera system to replace the guards. A number of cameras were placed on the periphery of the building, mounted on specially designed health and safety pallets. Additional cameras were also mounted inside the door entrances. The system is linked to a 24/7 monitoring centre. On activation staff set off a sounder and strobe light as well as a key holding company. They also call police on confirmation of intruders on site. The system protects Bovis against unwanted visitors such as squatters and thieves. Any squatters found entering the premises can be removed quickly as CCTV footage can show unlawful forced entry. As the system is wireless without the need for mains power it was installed quickly without the need for unsightly cables Providing rapid deployment and an ability to be relocated quickly and easily to new sites makes it ideal for protecting vacant properties.